ZKMRC has been founded by Gharib Shah in 2004 at a Rental Hall. In this Museum at very early stage the archaeological and historical

    Message From Dr. K. Chandra

    Zarina Khatoon Museum Cum Research Centre at Chiterpur, Ramgarh established by Faiyaz.Ahmad is the only Archeological Museum of Ramgarh District ,Jharkhand. India.
    The museum depicts the picture of a flourishing prehistoric human settlement near the banks Of Damodar River in Ramgarh district. Mr Faiyaz has taken pains to collect the relics of this lost civilization .The collection is a feast to our eyes. It includes stone tools, utensils, pristine weapons etc.. Inclusion of historic coins add richness to the museum .It claims to posses one of the smallest Quran.
    Overall it provides a wholesome view of a thriving pre-historic Human settlement in this area. This rare collection requires to be preserved, supported and appreciated.
    Government attention is also solicited to extend its largesse to financially nourish this cash constrained unit.
    This launching of this website is intended to provide a global viewership , applause and Recognition by international museum body.
    Ramgarh Citizen Forum feels proud to sponsor this website. We foresee a glorious future of this establishment.

    Dr. K. Chandra
    President , Ramgarh Citizen Forum