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In the museum there is a wide range of Anthropological collection which deals with different Geological era of Jharkhand and all the collection of fossils are discovered from different localities of Jharkhand state. For example- Badam (Upper Damaodar valley), Bhurkunda and Rajrappa (Lower Damodar valley) etc.

Fossils are remains of organisms that died in the geological past & preserved in the rocks. In other words we can say that fossils are the remain of ancient plants and animals which once lived and were buries beneath water within the sedimentary rocks, eventually becoming encased in rock, fossils are the surest guide to the age of rock and fossils as constituent of rock, are as an indication of past life, e.q. ptilophulum acutifolium (Plant fossil), Trigonia Ventricosa (invertebrate fossil) and Hipparion theoboldi (Vertebrate fossils).

In this section some human bones of megalithic age are also displayed in different showcases.

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  1. Fossils Gallery

  2. Human bones


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