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The Archaeological section of the Museum consists a significant collection of Artefacts representing the stone tools of different stone ages i.e. tools diversity of Paleolithic age, Mesolithic age and Neolithic age. Besides these a rich collection of potteries of Megalithic age are displays in the museum which are discovered from various megalithic burial site of the region. In this section Black & Red potteries, red potteries and black potteries are shown in different galleries. Some iron ornaments of this age and slages are also exhibited. Different sculptures are also exhibited in different showcases which are of 900-1100 A.D. In this section variety of Architectural pieces a stone interruptions are exhibited which have a bearing on the past history and social life of the peoples of Jharkhand state. The sculptures are belonging to Hindu and Buddha religion. The estimated date of sculptures ranges from 900 1100 A.D. These all are discovered by the different localities of Ramgarh district.

  • Stone tools of Paleolithic age

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  • Stone tools of Mesolithic age

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  • Stone tools of Neolithic age

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  • Pottery

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  • Architectural pieces

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  • Stone inscriptions

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  • Sculptures

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