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Jharkhand state is quite rich with its minerals as well as its cultural heritage. No wonder the art and craft of Jharkhand reflects a different and colorful tribal tapestry. Jharkhand state has about 32 tribes out of which 9 are primitive, maintaining their own, unique cultural identity till this day in undiluted forms, the tribes have their unique Dance, Music, Art and Craft forms. The culture of Sadan is also a important part of the state. The unique habitat (Physical settlement) Profession, folk painting folk metal craft, textile ornaments, music and customs etc.

The cultural specimens were exhibited in display panels and wall spaces, so that beside the specimen a diorama ( 3D Modal) is exhibited as per tribe i.e. Birhor, Munda, Asur etc. The diorama deals with 3D effects of phenotype (External appearance, Habitat (Physical settlement) Main profession, social organization, faith and beliefs, ritual etc. of a particular tribe and we have also try our best to understand the usage of exhibited cultural specimen . Diorama gives heart touch feeling of a particular tribal cultural to any category of people.


Photo Gallery

Terracotta Art Gallery

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Tribal life Gallery

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Hunting Instruments Gallery

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